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Representing Individuals and Businesses in Complex Antitrust Litigation

Nussbaum Law Group, P.C. has an extensive antitrust and fair competition practice. Anticompetitive practices impact a variety of people and entities. As such, our individual clients, as well as the classes that we represent, include both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Our client-centered strategic approach (and our deep bench) ensures that we can effectively advocate for the victims of anticompetitive practices in a wide range of case scenarios — a skillset that is of crucial importance in a complex class action lawsuit, where the dynamics of the dispute may change quite substantially over the course of the litigation. Our attorneys have successfully represented individual clients and direct purchaser classes in a number of landmark antitrust matters: in cases centered around monopolistic schemes, price-fixing, market allocations, and other anti-competitive practices.

At Nussbaum Law Group, P.C., our team’s extensive experience in antitrust litigation gives us a keen eye for how to navigate the intricacies of the regulatory landscape and pursue claims successfully under the applicable state and federal law.

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