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Data Breach Class Litigation

The Consequences of a Data Breach

Nussbaum Law Group, P.C. ("NLG") is experienced in playing significant and lead counsel roles in data breach class litigation affecting individuals whose personal, financial, and health information has been subject to a breach.

In many cases, adequately safeguarding consumer data is not a priority for the companies in control of such information. Businesses often cut corners with respect to encryption and database protection. In the event of a mass data breach, these companies expose those individuals whose data they have access to, to significant personal and financial risks, such as identity theft.

Consumers are more aware than ever before of the ways in which their data is collected, distributed, and stored, and how critical it is that a breach is prevented. In the data breach class actions in which we serve in a leadership role: we hold businesses accountable.

The impact of a significant data breach cannot be overstated. When personal information is breached, it may continue to pose problems for breach victims for years. Depending on the extent and nature of the breach, there may be no practical way to “scrub” leaked personal information.

Our experienced team can navigate the numerous and unique challenges associated with data breach lawsuits.

Data Breach Cases

  • In re American Medical Collection Agency, Inc. (NLG is co-lead counsel for the LabCorp Track.)
  • In re Wawa Inc., Data Security Litigation, No. 19-6019 (E.D. Pa.) (NLG is co-lead counsel)
  • In re Morgan Stanley Data Security Litigation. (NLG is co-lead counsel)

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